(Images credit to Cunard)

Cunard’s New Ship the Queen Anne Successfully Completes Sea Trials


Cunard has just announced that its new ship the Queen Anne has successfully completed her sea trials. A major milestone and she is now on her way towards a May 24, 2024 inaugural sailing around the British Isles.

  • Queen Anne completed a successful 16-day sea trial in February, marking a significant milestone in its construction.
  • The voyage from Venice to Palermo and back showcased the culmination of years of shipbuilding expertise and design.
  • During the sea trials, Queen Anne underwent rigorous testing of its major systems, including propulsion, maneuverability, and electronic controls.
  • The ship’s performance under various conditions, from full speed to crash stops, was impressive.
  • Additional tests and inspections, including dry docking in Palermo for hull painting, were conducted to prepare for delivery.
  • The final phase of work towards completion and delivery is underway, with the crew soon to assemble on board.
  • The anticipation is high for Queen Anne’s maiden departure for Southampton, marking a historic moment under the Cunard flag.
  • The captain eagerly awaits the opportunity to command Queen Anne on its inaugural voyage and looks forward to welcoming passengers aboard in Southampton.

This quote from Captain Inger Thorhauge sums up the tests, “She passed with flying colors! The order to ‘let go ropes’ was given and we edged away from the quayside at Marghera. Before long, with tugs stood down, Queen Anne was making way under her own power for the very first time. It was a very moving milestone. Queen Anne has been put through her paces during her critical first sea trials and I am thrilled to report, she passed with flying colors!”

Visit Cunard’s website for more information on the May 24, 2024 Voyage.

Credit Cunard