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Grapes courtesy Two Boldly Go Photography©2014

Early Harvest in Champagne Region this Year

Do you like Champagne and Sparkling Wine?  News reports from the wine regions are that 2018 is shaping up to be an early banner harvest!

June and July’s warm and sunny weather after a cold and wet winter is prompting early harvests in northern Europe with the Champagne and Alsace region’s harvest already underway.  A month earlier than the usual harvest time in September.

The Champagne region is expecting to see a sharp rise in production this year after several lean years.  Growers are reporting that the grapes this year are exceptional in both quality and quantity.  This will allow growers to use the best grapes for both vintage bottling and to rebuild their stock for blending future non-vintage years.

Read more about the harvest on Reuters , Decanter and about the region on Two Boldly Go Travel.

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