Delta Airlines Readies new Delta One Business Class Lounges

(Images credit to Delta Airlines)

Credit to Gary Leff at View from the Wing for reporting on Delta Airlines plans to open three new Delta One business class lounges. Located at New York JFK, Los Angeles LAX and Boston BOS airports.

Lounge Upgrades

This is a significant upgrade for Delta’s lounge offerings since they have not had separate lounges for their business class travelers unlike American’s Flagship lounges and United’s Polaris lounges. All passengers shared the same Sky Club facilities which exacerbated Sky Club’s overcrowding issues.


Delta’s new LAX lounge is scheduled to open in the last quarter of this year in Terminal 3. Offering 10,000 square feet of space and elevator access from the Delta One check-in area.


The Boston lounge is also slated to open in the fourth quarter in Terminal E. Offering 6,300 square feet of space and it will be connected to the existing Sky Club.

Delta One Bar Lounge JFK drawing credit Delta Airlines

Delta One Bar Lounge JFK drawing  


David Flynn at the Executive Traveller provides some additional information about the JFK lounge which is set to open sometime in the middle of this year, located in Terminal 4 near Concourse B. Offering some 36,000 square feet of space it is larger than the Sky Club at LAX which can accommodate 500 guests.


In the ever-competitive world of premium business class travel it will be interesting to see how Delta’s new lounges compete and how their amenities, including, table side dining compare to their domestic and international rivals. Regardless more competition is always good hopefully spurring a race to improve the travelers experience. Rather than the airlines natural tendencies to focus on “environmental – efficiency – marketing” efforts. Which often are a masquerade for cost cuts and service reductions that do little to improve the travel experience.

Gary Leff, View from the Wing
David Flynn, Executive Traveller

Credit Delta Airlines

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