Overnight Mileage Run OGG-SFO-OGG

Who could resist the chance for an overnight mileage, i.e., status, run from OGG (Kahului, Maui) at $197RT?  Particularly with the chance to mix carriers and upgrade to First Class.  It would also give us a chance to fly Virgin America metal one final time before the VX flight code becomes AS and Alaska Airlines begins the next phase of the merger. (Integrating operations and fleet.)

Trip Report
  1. Introduction, Fare Sales & Finding the Flights.
  2. OGG-SFO on First Class Alaska Airlines (Virgin America metal).
  3. Walking from SFO T2 to the International Terminal.
  4. Air France/KLM Lounge.
  5. SFO-OGG First Class on Hawaiian Airlines.
Introduction, Fare Sales and Finding the Flights

This year TBG intends to maintain its MVPG Elite status on Alaska and Pualani Platinum status with Hawaiian Airlines both mileage based earning programs.  So we are always on the look out for fare sales between the islands an mainland.  This OGG-SFO-OGG roundtrip earned a total of 4,676 qualifying miles (EQM) split between each program.

The Alaska leg was flown April 18 on Virgin America metal just a few days before the the last Virgin America (VX) coded flight on April 24, 2018.  Repainting and reconfiguring the Virgin America fleet is expected to be completed sometime towards the end of next year.  We will cover some of the announced changes in Part two of this Trip Report.

Signing up for airfare alerts from your favorite airlines and sites like Airfarewatchdog are some of the tools that we use to stay on top of fare sales.  Flyertalk.com is another great source of information with threads on just about every travel topic and program.

After receiving an alert on a fare of interest we use Expert Flyer, GoogleFlights and Airfarewatchdog to narrow down available dates, availability and fare rules.

Read Part 2. OGG-SFO on First Class Alaska Airlines (Virgin America metal)….


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