JetBlue Considering European Service Options with Business Class Seats

Officials from JetBlue Airways said during a conference Thursday the carrier would “disrupt” traditional service from the United States to Europe by offering its business class service.

According to, JetBlue president and COO Joanna Geraghty said during the Skift Global Forum that while the airline hasn’t decided whether it will add service to Europe or not, the discussion has continued for more than two years.

JetBlue already offers flights to Latin America and the Caribbean, but officials from the airline believe the key to making the move into the European market would be offering business class service that low-cost carriers like WOW Air and Norwegian do not.

However on the earnings call today spokespersons from JetBlue  indicated that they would likely wait until the new A220-300’s are integrated with operations running smoothly before looking at European service.  Meaning maybe as late as far out as 2021.  However, the idea of a “Junior Mint” service product in the A220 was not ruled out.  Additionally JetBlue’s attention is focused on the near tern best use of its capital which it believes is met by the all core 200 seat A321.

“When we think about trans-Atlantic, we do think we can disrupt largely around a Mint-like product because we’ve been so successful on flying to the West Coast with Mint,” Geraghty said during the conference.  High last minute fares like $7,000+ between BOS-LON are abd example of the market  and opportunity for disruption.  Though the bigger question that JetBlue faces may be figuring out just what the economics of economy seats are in the current market especially when faced with competition from new entrants like WOW and Norwegian which are offering $99 OW fares.

Aviation expert Samuel Engel told that JetBlue would offer something different than the other carriers if it were to implement service to Europe. While the airline’s business class would make it an appealing option, the other carriers serving the same routes are expected to implement changes to keep their customers.

JetBlue will be taking delivery of the A220-300 starting in 2020.  The A220 has the range to serve European markets from the US East Coast.  It will be interesting to see if JetBlue takes advantage of the A220’s efficiency to expand routes to Europe instead of changing existing orders to the new LR variant of the A321.

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